Star45 Regattas – 2016

2016 – Star 45 Region I Championship Regatta Results

2016 Star Region I Championship

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2016 Star Region I Championship Regatta










Schedule:              Saturday, July 23       8:30 – 9:15 AM      Registration

9:30 – 9:45   Skippers Meeting

10:00 – 12:00       Racing

12:00 – 12:45 PM  Lunch

1:00 – 3:30           Racing

4:00    Awards Presentation


Rules:   The regatta will be governed by the current Racing Rules of Sailing (as

modified by Appendix E), the Star 45 Class rules, and the Sailing Instructions.

Eligibility:  Any owner/skipper of a Star 45 Class boat, who is properly registered and who is

a current member of the AMYA, or his/her appropriate national authority,

may participate in this regatta.

Entry:  Entry fee is $10 if received by July 21, 2016.  Late entries will be

accepted at a fee of $15.

There will be an entry limit of 30 participants, taken in order of receipt

of a properly completed Entry Form and fee.

Race Format:  Scoring will be the Low Point System for Fleet Racing. Throw outs will

be allowed, and specified in the Sailing Instructions. If division of the

fleet is necessary, the Odd/Even Race Management System will be used

Frequency Assignment:  Will be on a “first come, first served” basis. Assignments will

be confirmed as soon as possible after entries are received.

Inspection:  All boats will be subject to inspection and weighing before and at any time

during the regatta, to verify compliance with Class Rules.

Sail Numbering:   All sails must carry identifications as per current Class Rules.

Issues of legibility will be decided by the Race Director.

Awards:   Trophies will be awarded to the first three.

Inclusions:    Soda, water and snacks will be provided.  Bring your own lunch as none will be


Location:   The sailing site is Hop Brook Lake, a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

administered recreation area. More information on the facility and its’

location can be obtained on their web site as follows:



  1. Scoring will be the Low Point System, as outlined in Appendix A, Racing Rules of Sailing.
  2. Throw outs will be allowed, with one discard upon completion of 6 races, two after 12 and three after 18, etc. Completion of five races will constitute an official regatta.
  3. Should the number of entries warrant splitting of the fleet, the Odd/Even Race Management System will be used.
  4. Starting sequence will be via the standard AMYA 2-minute countdown.
  5. Holds will be limited to one 15-minute hold, per skipper, per day, for repairs to his/her boat resulting from damage caused by another boat breaking a rule. One 5-minute hold, per skipper, per day, allowed for any other repairs. One General Hold may be called by the Race Director during each morning and afternoon session, which may be used for battery changes, boat tuning, rig changes, etc.
  6. No race time limits will be used, however the Race Director may shorten course, call for abandonment, and assign finish positions for those lagging behind the fleet.
  7. The penalty for rules infringement, including touching of marks, will be one turn including one tack and one jibe.
  8. Unless otherwise announced, the “I Flag” (Round an End) rule will be in effect for starts.
  9. The Race Director may designate any “control areas” he deems necessary.
  10. The race course marks are set so that the start/finish line is in the middle. A centrally located course board will indicate marks to be used, direction of rounding, and the number of “laps” to be sailed. The Race Director will announce any course changes.
  11. Protests should be settled in a sportsmanlike manner, and whenever possible on the water by involved skippers. If unresolved, the intent to formally protest or a request for redress must be announced to the Race Director within one minute of that race’s completion, and if not immediately resolved written protest must be filed with the Race Director on forms provided, within fifteen minutes after completion of racing for the day. The Race Director may give additional time if deemed necessary, however.
  12. The Race Director may amend these Sailing Instructions orally or in writing.



Every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate those with limiting circumstances, such as needing to sit rather than being able to walk the course, or not being able to launch or retrieve their own boats. Please advise the Race Committee accordingly when registering.


Any entrant with questions of content or clarity concerning these Sailing Instructions should feel free to contact the organizers in advance of the regatta date.

Our intent is to put on an enjoyable and “user friendly” regatta.

Please join us – We look forward to hosting you at the 2016 Star 45 RCR!

If you have questions, or need more information of any kind, please contact:


John Arkenberg (203) 380-0126

2016 Star 45 RCR NOR

2016 STAR 45 RCR entry form

Registered Sailors (7-17-16) …

1 )  Ken Bauser                         #833     Housatonic Model Yacht Club

2)   Dick Chandler                    #556     Housatonic Model Yacht Club

3)   Art Fressola                        #608     Housatonic Model Yacht Club

4)   Fred Goebel                       #877     Housatonic Model Yacht Club

5)   Mary Goebel                     #171      Housatonic Model Yacht Club

6)   Dan Olah                            #709      Housatonic Model Yacht Club

7)   Don Ouimette                   #345      Housatonic Model Yacht Club 

8)   Paul Richardson                #101      Housatonic Model Yacht Club

9)   Fred Schneider                 #922       Housatonic Model Yacht Club

10) Bob Shluger                       #827      Housatonic Model Yacht Club

11) Herb Dreher                      #834      Minuteman Model Yacht Club

12) Jim Linville                         #811      Minuteman Model Yacht Club